Branching Space-Times. Theory and Applications

This monograph presents the first detailed exposition of the formal theory of Branching Space-Times. The theory presented here by Nuel Belnap, Thomas Muller, and Tomasz Placek describes how real possibilities can play out in our spatio-temporal world. In our world, some things that are really possible in Cleveland are not really possible in San Francisco; […]

Modality in Physics. Kraków, June 11-13, 2018 

Modality in Physics. Kraków, June 11-13, 2018 

Modality in Physics a three-day conference in Kraków on the role of modality in fundamental physics Description: The conference is devoted to clarify the question as to what role modality plays in theories of physics. Has our physical world an irreducible modal aspect? Are there modal properties, entities or other conceptual tools which are indispensable in understanding physical theories? If these elements […]