José Luis Bermúdez – Framing decisions: Rationality and Intensionality. Online Seminar

Wydział Filozofii i Kognitywistka KUL i Sekcja Filozofii Przyrody i Nauk Przyrodniczych Polskiego Towarzystwa Filozoficznego zapraszają na Otwarte Seminarium Online, podczas którego Prof. José Luis Bermúdez wygłosi wykład pt. Framing decisions: Rationality and Intensionality.

José Luis Bermúdez

Framing decisions: Rationality and Intensionality

Online Seminar

Being influenced by how outcomes are framed is widely held to be a paradigm of irrationality. Yet, experimental and theoretical discussions of framing have ignored the most interesting situations in which framing occurs. These are when an agent or decision-maker consciously and simultaneously considers a single outcome or scenario under two different frames and evaluates it differently in each frame. From the perspective of standard theories of rational decision-making and rational choice, such clashes of frames are not supposed to happen – and if they do occur they are paradigms of irrationality. The standard view, I claim, gets things almost completely wrong. There is nothing intrinsically irrational about seeing the world in conflicting frames. In fact, actively engaging competing frames can be a powerful force for rationally engaging with problems that classical theories of rationality are unable to tackle.

Piątek, 18 listopada 2022 r., godz. 15.00
Friday, November 18th, 2022, 3PM UTC

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