The East European Network for Philosophy of Science

The East European Network for Philosophy of Science (EENPS), in co-operation with the Interdisciplinary Centre for Ethics, Jagiellonian University, announces the fifth conference of the East European Network for Philosophy of Science in Kraków to be held on September 9-10th 2024. The conference is fully in person.

Keynote speakers:

  • Kristina Rolin (Tampere University)
  • Federica Russo (Utrecht University)

We invite abstracts of contributed papers and symposia proposals in the areas below:

  1. General Philosophy of Sciences
  2. Philosophy of Physical Sciences
  3. Philosophy of Biological and Medical Sciences
  4. Philosophy of Social Sciences and Cognitive Sciences
  5. History and Social Studies of Science
  6. Philosophy of Formal Sciences, Philosophy of Mathematics and Philosophy of AI

We especially welcome submissions in areas of philosophy of medicine and public health.

Call for contributed papers:

Authors are invited to submit short abstracts up to 100 words plus a .pdf file of extended abstracts 500 words excluding references prepared for blind review. The abstracts should be headed by the title of the corresponding area (a – f), the title of the paper, and 3 to 5 keywords. Please also select the corresponding area as a topic in the submission form.

Call for symposia:

Groups of up to five authors are invited to submit proposals for symposia on any of the topics related to areas a) – f) in a pdf file through this website. Sessions will last up to 90 minutes including discussion. Please select ‘Symposium’ as the ‘Type of submission’ in the submission form of ScienceConf. 
The proposal should be uploaded in one comprehensive document and it should conform to the following structure:

  • the title of the corresponding section
  • the symposium’s title
  • a complete list of names of the symposium’s participants with their contact details
  • a general description of the topic and its significance for the philosophy of science broadly conceived (up to 1000 words), the abstracts of the symposium’s contributions (up to 300 words each)
  • short CVs (up to 1 page) of each of the symposium’s participants.

Instructions for submission:

Find the LOGIN box in the top right corner and either login, if you already have an account, or create a new one. If you create a new account, you will receive an email from the platform to activate your account. Having activated your account, please log in and submit your contribution under the tab My Space, then under the tab Submissions.

Complete the required fields: Title, Abstract (insert your short abstract in this field), choose the Type of presentation, select Topic area, and insert Keywords. Navigate further by pressing Next Step, where you will be asked to specify the author(s) and then to upload the PDF file. The PDF file should contain either the extended abstract if you are submitting a contributed paper or the combined elements of the symposium proposal as specified above.

To submit the PDF file, under ‘TYPE OF THE FILE’ choose ‘Poster’, whether you are submitting a contributed paper or a symposium. If you have completed the process you will receive an email from

Dates and Deadlines:

  • 15 22 February 2024 – deadline for submissions (contributed papers and symposia)
  •  May 15th 2024 – notification of acceptance
  •  TBA – start of registration and deadline for registration of speakers and attendees

Organizing team:

Chairs of Program Committee: Anna Alexandrova & Jaana Eigi-Watkin

EENPS organizing committee: Joanna K. Malinowska, Magdalena Małecka

Local organizing committee: Elena Popa (chair), Tomasz Żuradzki, Katarzyna Żebrowska, Ewa Grzeszczak, Błażej Skrzypulec, Jay Zameska, Miron Markowski.


This event is funded by the projects “Values, Trust, and Decision Making in Public Health” co-funded by the European Commission and the Polish National Science Centre under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions and BIOUNCERTAINTY funded by the European Research Council.

Other information:

We intend to hold a satellite workshop – Socially Engaged Science: Perspectives from Political Economy, History and Philosophy of Science, and Science and Technology Studies, September 11th 2024. Further details TBA

Articles based on the presentations at EENPS 2024 may be invited for submission to a special issue of a philosophy of science journal with details to be announced shortly after the conference.



Źródło informacji i strona www konferencji:





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