Grace & Nature: Contemporary Controversies

Grace & Nature: Contemporary Controversies

3-4 December 2021

Location: Angelicum – Aula Minor

Also live-streamed on YouTube

What is the relationship between nature and grace in Catholic thought? What relevance do traditional controversies about natural and supernatural have for theology today? This conference asks about the significance of Christ’s own grace for salvation, the openness of human nature to the divine, and the ultimate destiny of humanity.

Friday, 3 December

Session 1: Controversies Regarding the Universality of the Grace of Christ

12:00 Simon Francis Gaine, OP
Was Adam’s Grace Christ’s Grace?

14:00 Guilio Maspero
Can God Work Through Other Religions? On Christ’s Unique Salvation, the Universality of Grace, and the Problem of Relativism


Session 2: Controversies Regarding Tradition and Theology

15:30 Philipp Renczes, SJ
Patristic and Ressourcement Contributions to a Renewed Theology of Grace and Nature

17:00 Thomas Joseph White, OP
On Pure Nature: Do We Need This Scholastic Concept?

Saturday, 4 December

Session 3: Is Human Nature Naturally Open to God?

12:00 Serge-Thomas Bonino, OP
The Epistemological Question: Philosophical Theology and the Intellectus Fidei

14:00 Judith Wolfe
Practising the Presence of God: Imaginative Formation and the Sensus Divinitatis


Session 4: Surnaturel: on the Final End of the Human Person

15:30 Karen Kilby
The Continuing Significance of de Lubac’s Surnaturel for Contemporary Theology

17:00 Mats Wahlberg
Controversies Regarding Eschatology and Universalism: Can a Good God Permit Eternal Damnation?


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